About Bedrock Youth Academy


Our mission is to promote excellence through character formation by providing young people opportunities to foster spiritual, academic, athletic, and professional development.


Equipping youth with tools that promote transformational change and innovative leaders.


Bedrock Youth Academy (BYA) redefines the urban culture on the south side of Allen County, by providing youth with services, and programs founded in peer mentorship. Structured after a servant-leadership model, BYA will lead, develop, direct and provide tools necessary for success.


Bedrock Youth Academy (BYA) will host local and regional events and programs that will expose young people towards college and careers, while promoting positive lifestyles through character and leadership development. Through BYA events and programs we will create and promote
transformational change in the lives and community that we serve. These events and programs will expose our youth to mentoring programs, summer camps and clinics and annual BYA events.

Key Strategies


Provide a Peer-Mentoring Program that will redefine the communities perception of young people on the south side of Allen County. We currently have a peer-mentoring program for males, My Brother’s Keeper (MBK), and are developing a complementary program for females. Our strategic intent will be to serve as the engine that inspires, motivates and guides young people to become productive citizens. Presenters of MBK will use curriculum, that complements Indiana state standards, to present to students in schools of all levels. Corporately all members will meet every Sunday. Elementary students will have assemblies and breakout sessions monthly. Middle and High School students will be offered weekly lunch and after-school programming.


Provide local and regional events that address personal and social issues concerning youth, and the importance of higher education. These events will provide an outlet for our youth to voice their opinions, bond amongst their peers, improve in various areas of their lives and be exposed to college life. At least 2-3 events will occur throughout the year, and will focus on the following:

• Academics
• Leadership
• Accountability
• Character Development
• Athletics


Run a summer camp to provide training for students, which will assist with building of character, skills and bonds within the community. The camp will focus on the areas of technology, science, math, engineering and the importance of college and advanced trades.