MBK (My Brother’s Keeper)



Creating a brotherhood of distinguished young men that fosters; peer accountability, a strong academic foundation,
redefine athletic standards, and maximize cultural exposure.


To create a fraternal bond, aspire a drive for excellence, and produce a generation of leaders.

In other words, Empowering the A.R.E.A.

Accountability – WE stimulate growth toward an individuals understanding of Manhood through the scope of community. 

  • Social Norms
  • “MBK Code of Conduct”
  • Character Development
  • Peer-Mentoring

Redefining – WE create physical awareness through athletics and athletic training challenging both the mind and body.

  • Partnership with AWP Sports Performance
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Encourage Physical Fitness/Awareness
  • Promote and Scholarship Athletes to Amateur Athletic Leagues

Exposure – WE maximize cultural experiences to expand upon each individuals vision of themselves, including; their future, their family and their community.

  • Community Service Projects
  • College Trips
  • Professional Shadowing
  • Literary Arts – Theater, Museums, Vocal Training…

Academics – WE will increase, maintain and exceed academic excellence. WE ARE EXCELLENCE!

  • Partnership with Growing Minds
  • Weekly study tables
  • MBK Projects – Entrepreneurial
  • Individual and Group Tutoring